Text Messaging

Text messaging or texting is a way of sending short messages from a mobile phone using the short message service also known as SMS. Most digital cell phones will have a text messaging option on them. However, this is something that you are required to pay for through you cell phone provider. Each cell phone contains wireless Internet access that permits the sending and receiving of text messages to another person having the same features on their phone.

There are many people and companies who have claimed to have sent the first text message. Raina Fortini, a former employee of NASA has claimed to have sent the first ever text message in 1989 using a simple Motorola beeper. The message was sent from New York to Florida. In this first text message the numbers were used upside down so that they spelled out words. At this time cell phones were not equipped with the modern text messaging features that you see today.

In spite of its popularity today, text messaging was not an instant hit. It was very slow to grow in popularity. It was originally designed as a feature that would be used by the hearing impaired. In 1994 there was an average of 0.4 text messages sent per month by consumers who had texting capabilities on their phones. In six short years however, the number of text messages sent per person per month had risen to an average of 35. That is a huge jump in a short period of time.

As stated earlier, text messaging is a feature that must be paid for. While the phone comes with text messaging capabilities, it is the same as making a long distance phone call and it must be paid for. The reason why people must pay to send an email is because they are connecting to the Internet and they must pay to do so. The message itself is free to type, but is not free to send.