Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a form of instant communication between two or more people who are not in the same room. This is not a verbal conversation but instead it is done through the use of computer, PDA or text messaging on a cell phone. If you are sending instant messages you must be connected to an Internet network of some sort in order for the message to be sent to another person.

Many believe that instant messaging began when the Internet was first invented. This however is not the case. Records show that instant messaging or sending IMs as they are called predated the Internet. It was first used on multi-user systems such as Multics in the 1960s. At first instant messaging required people to be logged in to the same system or computer. As networks developed, the protocols spread throughout the network.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s this form of communication became common between people logged onto the same network at the same time. At this time instant messages were called online messages or OLM for short. One of the first companies to offer such instant messages was America Online that used the name AOL instant messages. People around the world were jumping at the chance to have AOL on their computers so that they could talk to friends and family.

Instant messaging has changed since the 1990s. People today are not limited to using computers as a way to chat to other people. They are now able to connect to the Internet through the cell phones and PDAs and they can access their instant messaging programs through here. This has allowed people to talk and stay in contact daily and in a much easier way than sitting on the telephone and a great deal of money in long distance calls.